Industrial Applications


Roller-compacted concrete road is particularly applicable because of its durability and resilience for the following:

  • Rotors
  • Distribution centres
  • Service roads in factories
  • High-load and low-speed roads


In road infrastructure, pavement damage usually occurs at junctions or bus stops, for example. The force caused by heavy-duty vehicle braking leaves significant damage to the asphalt and so-called ripples.

Resilience is one of the basic features of concrete. Due to its high toughness and tensile strength due to better load distribution, even a high traffic load will not create dents and "rippling" of the road. In relation to asphalt, the roller-compacted concrete road is longer lasting, and wear resistance reduces the need for maintenance and closing off traffic.

This has always been known, as well as the fact that looking at the long term through significantly lower maintenance costs, a concrete road is more affordable. However, with some concrete laying technologies, the initial cost of the investment is more expensive. The roller-compacted concrete technology is different and initially provides a lower investment price, and it also provides reduced maintenance costs through its durability.

Set aside the minimum amount needed for a stable and resilient road, and invest the rest in equipment that makes a difference.

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