Inspiration in Concrete


Concrete is a unique material that can be used to realize different shapes, textures and colours, and thanks to its long service life and thermal properties, it is also one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building materials. That is why we research and discover new possibilities of concrete every day, which, in the hands of innovators and artists - technologist, acquires a whole new dimension.

We look forward to being at the disposal of architects, designers and investors in the implementation of ideas: from the selection of materials, textures, colours to specifying the implementation technology and making different variants of test samples. Discover a new dimension - possibilities of concrete in landscape architecture, urban furnishings and innovative infrastructure solutions.

The open air gallery "Inspiration in Concrete" is a place where you can see different uses of concrete, and it is located in Plovanija and Koromačno. If you are interested, contact us at, we will be happy to demonstrate beauty and benefits of concrete.