Accredited Laboratory

The Concrete and Aggregate Laboratory is a separate business unit of Holcim in Croatia, which performs tests of concrete and aggregates in modernly equipped premises with quality equipment .

We linnked the knowledge and experience of cement we acquired in more then 96 years of existence and the multidisciplinary expertise in knowledge of aggregates and concrete in Croatia with the examples and knowledge in more than 70 countries of the Holcim Group we belong to.

In May 2016, after two years of extensive preparation, the Concrete and Aggregate Laboratory received a certificate of accreditation by the Croatian Accreditation Agency as a confirmation of knowledge, experience and quality of testing.

We offer a testing service according to 14 accredited methods, and investments in new equipment and expansion of the accreditation area are being preparedTo get to this point, it took a great deal of effort from our employees. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their effort, energy, precision and professionalism


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Accredited aggregate and concrete test methods