Roadmap to net zero carbon


CO2 emissions in the cement production (Scope 1) originate from our kiln where clinker gets produced. Clinker is our semi-product that is than combined with varoius mineral aditives and grinded into powder - cement. Around 60 of CO2 originates from the chemical process of transforming limestone into clinker and 40 of CO2 is caused by using fossil fuels.

Our building blocks to net zero:

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Holcim Croatia was privatized in 1992 and the new owner invested into the cement plant reconstruction. Based on experience in other countries, in 1999 we started energy recovery of used tires (building block named alternative fuels) and since 2001 we started material recovery of the fly ash from the nearby powerplant Plomin (building block named clinker factor). Based on these investments in 2020 we decreased our CO2 emissions per ton of cement by 26 compared to 1990. According to the EU Green Deal goals we are preparing some new investments.

More information on our climate goals and actions is available on the Holcim Group pages.